Castle Keep Services
Castle Keep Services Trained. Licensed. Protected.
Welcome to Castle Keep Services!
What is Castle Keep Services?

Based on the idea of the Castle Doctrine....the legal right to be safe in your home, property and where you happen to be.

What We Offer:

*Gun Classes: Ranging from CHL to NRA to Tactical. Click CLASSES button on left menu.

*NRA Eddy Eagle Program, No Charge. Designed for preschool-Kindergarten ages. Teaches to leave found guns alone. Fun video & Comic type book.

*Private Gun/Range Instruction, $25 per hour plus range fee (if any).
Need help preparing for your CHL class or just want to learn how to shoot?  Nervous in group settings? This is for you!

*Range Safety Officers, $50 for up to two hours of your event. 
Two Certified Range Safety Officers available, depending on the size of your event.

*Classes currently forming. Deposits required as class space is limited.

Brownwood Chamber of Commerce
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Phone: 325 338-6736